Amanda, 18, female in south Florida. This is my secondary tumblr, here I will be posting about my collection of nature items such as bones, wet specimens, feathers, and occasionally animal pelts, etc. Check out my FAQ for a list of how I tag things! Send me an ask if you want me to tag something specific!

All bones were found out in nature, unless otherwise stated. I did not kill them for their bones. If you have any questions in general about bones or such, I will try and answer to the best of my abilities, or point you towards someone who knows better than me :)
(Also I make text posts on a semi regular basis. They are relevant to the subject of this tumblr though.)
I HAVE FUR PELTS, IF that bothers you it's best to leave now.

One of the stray cats killed this cute mouse just now, so I made him into a wet specimen. He is in perfect condition, minus the fact that he is missing one of his legs. I named him Gus.